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Leading Manufacturer of Seals & Gaskets from various sheets such as PTFE, Graphite, Silicone, EPDM, Aramid and many others. SSI is an ISO certified company who prides itself in superior sealing solutions for industrial needs in India. By following global safety and quality standards, SSI has emerged as trusted Gasket manufacturers in India

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SSI SEALS & Gaskets


Air Compressor Seal | Air Compressor Piston Seal

Air Seals | Air Purge Seal

Bearing Oil Seal

Buffer Seal Hydraulic

Buna Gasket | Buna N Gasket | Buna Rubber Gasket

Butyl Gasket | Butyl Rubber Gasket

Cable End Seal | Cable Sealing End Caps

Carbon Ring Seal

Carbon Seal | Carbon Mechanical Seal

Cartridge Seal | Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Chevron Seal | Chevron Seal Kit

Chloroprene Gasket | Chloroprene Rubber Gasket

Compressor Mechanical Seal

Cup Seal

Custom Door Seals

Custom Hydraulic Seals

Cylinder Head Gasket

D Seal | D Profile Rubber Seal

Dome Seal

Door Gasket | Door Window Gasket

Door Seal | Door Seal Strip

Double Lip Oil Seal

Drum Cap Seal | Drum Seal Cap Seal

Duct Gasket

Dust Seal

Dynamic O Ring Seal

Dynamic Seal

Elastomers Seals

Electrical Gland Seal | Cable Gland Seal

Engine Gasket | Engine Head Gasket

Engine Oil Seal | Engine Seal

EPDM Gasket | EPDM Rubber Gasket

Epdm Seal

Exhaust Gasket

Extrusion Seal | Extruded Rubber Seal Products

Felt Seal

Flange Gasket | Rubber Flange Gasket

Flange Ring Gasket

Flange Seal Ring

Flat Gasket

Flat Gasket Seal

Flat Ring Gasket

Flat Rubber Seal Ring | Flat Rubber Seal

Fluorocarbon Seals

Fluorosilicone Gasket

Foam Gasket | Foam Rubber Gasket

Food Grade Gasket Seal

Fork Seals

Full Face Gasket

Gearbox Oil Seal

Gearbox Shaft Seal

Head Cover Gasket

High Pressure Oil Seal

High Pressure Piston Seals

High Pressure Shaft Seals

High Temp Rubber Gasket | High Temperature Rubber Gasket | High Temperature Gasket | High Temp Gasket

High Temperature Hydraulic Seals

High Temperature Mechanical Seal

Hole Seal

Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals | Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

Hydraulic Jack Oil Seal | Hydraulic Jack Seals

Hydraulic Oil Seal | Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Seal

Hydraulic Piston Seal

Hydraulic Seal Kit

Hydraulic Seals

Industrial Gaskets

Industrial Oil Seals

Industrial Seals

Injector Seals | Injector Rubber Seal

Insulation Gasket

Linear Motion Shaft Seal | Linear Shaft Seal

Lip Seal | Rubber Lip Seal

lip Seal Viton | Lip Type Oil Seal

Marine Rubber Seal | Marine Seal

Mechanical Seal | Mechanical Oil Seal

Mechanical Shaft Seal

Metal Jacketed Gasket | Jacketed Gasket

Motor Seal | Motor Oil Seal

Multiple Spring Mechanical Seals

Natural Rubber Gasket

Natural Rubber Seal

NBR Rubber Gasket | NBR Gasket | Nitrile Rubber Gasket

NBR Seal

Neoprene Gasket | Neoprene Rubber Gasket

Neoprene Oil Seal

Neoprene Sponge Gasket

Nitrile Rubber Seal

Non Metallic Gasket

Nylon Gasket

O Ring Seal | o Ring Oil Seal | Oil Ring Seal

Oil Gasket

Oil Seal | Rubber Oil Seal

P Seal Gasket | P Seal Rubber | P Type Rubber Seal

Packing Gasket

Panel Gasket

PCV Gasket

Peek Gasket

Phenolic Gasket

Pipe Gasket

Piston Seal | Piston Rod Seal | Rod Piston Seal

Plastic Gasket

Pneumatic Cylinder Piston Seals | Pneumatic Piston Seal

Pneumatic Cylinder Seal Kit | Pneumatic Air Cylinder Seals

Pneumatic Seals | Pneumatic Seal Kit

Polyethylene Gasket

Polypropylene Gasket

Polyurethane Hydraulic Seals

Polyurethane Piston Seals

PTFE Envelope Gasket | Teflon Envelope Gasket

PTFE Gasket | Teflon Gasket | PTFE Teflon Gasket


PU Gasket | Polyurethane Gasket

Pump Seal | Pump Oil Seal

PVC Gasket | Soft PVC Gasket | Polyvinyl Chloride Gasket

Rectangular Rubber Seal | Rectangular Seal Ring

Ring Gasket

Rod Seal

Rotary Joint Seal Kit | Rotary Mechanical Seal

Rotary Lip Seal | Rotary Shaft Lip Seal

Rotary Seal | Rotary Face Seal

Rotary Shaft Seal

Round Rubber Seal Strip

Round Seal | Round Rubber Seal

Rubber Bellow Seal

Rubber Door Gasket

Rubber Edge Trim Seal | Rubber Extrusions And Seals

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket Seal

Rubber Seal

Rubber Seal Plug

Rubber Seal Strip

Rubber Window Gasket

SBR Gasket | SBR Rubber Gasket | SBR Red Rubber Gasket

Seal Cap

Seal Ring

Sealing Washer

Shaft Seal | Shaft Oil Seals

Silicone Gasket | Silicone Rubber Gasket | Gasket Silicone Rubber

Spiral Gasket | Spiral Wound Gasket | Spiral Wound Flange Gasket

Static Seal

Stem Seal | Stem Oil Seal

Strip Seal Expansion Joint | Strip Seal

Suction Seal

T Rubber Seal | T Profile Rubber Seal

T Slot Bulb Seal

Teflon Seal

U Cup Seal

V Seal | V Ring Seal

Vacuum Rubber Seal | Vacuum Pump Seal | Vacuum Pump Oil Seal

Valve Door Gasket | Valve Cover Gasket

Valve Gasket | Valve Gasket Seal

Valve Oil Seal

Valve Seal

Valve Stem Seals | Viton Valve Stem Seals

Viton Gasket | Viton Rubber Gasket | FKM Gasket

Viton Oil Seal

Viton Seals | Viton Rubber Seal

Viton Shaft Seal | Viton Rotary Shaft Seals

Washer Gasket

Water Pump Mechanical Seal

Water Pump Seal

Water Pump Seal Kit

Window Gasket | Rubber Gasket for Aluminium Windows

Wiper Seal

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